"Leveraging Culture for Driving and Sustaining Corporate Performance" with Dave Eaton

Program Details

Date: Wednesday, 26th February 2020

Venue: Nigerian Stock Exchange, 2-4 Customs street, Lagos Island, Lagos

Admission: Strictly by Invitation

Morning Session (Introductory Session)

Time: 9 am - 10:45 am

Culture plays a huge role in all stages of an organization’s journey toward achieving high-performance. As companies pursue a certain vision & strategy, they may need to renew their culture (values and behaviors), begin to hold leaders to a new set of principles, and create diverse-by-design teams where individuals can share their unique perspectives based on diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and performance.

This session will provide insights into:

  • An Organizational Transformation Framework that shows the critical interdependence and required alignment around keystones of culture to achieve organizational health
  • Key cultural dimensions that can be used to map an organizations future/desired culture vs. the current state of their company culture.
  • Best practices in developing sustainable cultures that drive growth and long-term viability.

Afternoon Session (Private session with Dave Eaton)

Time: 1 pm - 4 pm

Target Audience:Small business owners, senior management employees of private institutions, HR professionals, project managers/officers, heads of public institutions, leaders of professional association, nonprofit leaders.

Navigating culture can be very complex. Attracting and retaining a diverse slate of candidates, growing and developing high-potential talent, encouraging leaders to form diverse-by-design team and then create a climate of inclusion – are all challenges for senior leaders as they drive culture transformation and seamless integration. Add the element of Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and even starts up that bring together employees from multiple cultural backgrounds, it’s no wonder we are fighting up stream to create high-performance organizations. a

This session will provide insights into:

  • How Senior Management (Senior Leaders of Human Resources, Chiefs of administrative functions, heads of strategy, and more) can identify the gaps between the culture they have and the culture they need to achieve top performance across their organization.
  • Key cultural dimensions that can be used to map their organization, and reveal key obstacles or headwinds in their way, while identifying strengths and tailwinds they can leverage to produce even greater results.
  • The key talent systems and management practices that can serve as levers of change, to move their organization from its current state to the future/desired state.
  • How businesses can leverage a renewed culture to attract and retain top talent.
  • Introduction to a Change Management Model and Communications Planning tool to drive desired change across their enterprise.

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Lead Facilitator: Dave Eaton - Global Business Culture Expert

Dave Eaton

Dave Eaton focuses on the human side of any culture change or business transaction, while the company works to ensure efficient and effective execution and sustainability of desired change. This is often achieved through cultural integration and individual and team performance, which can have a direct impact on bottom-line results.

Mr. Eaton has broad experience across a range of industries, serving clients such as Wal-Mart, Fidelity, Deere, Samsung, Fiat-Chrysler, Cisco, Kimberly-Clark, Bharti, Dell, Ernst & Young, Sony, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Novartis, and Bechtel.

Mr. Eaton has consulted, coached, and facilitated multinational teams on a diverse range of projects including: building a new motorway (Albania) and an oil and gas separation unit (Kazakhstan); establishing a new "greenfield site" (Russia); managing a major joint venture (India); relocating a manufacturing plant (Mexico); launching a new captive outsourcing facility (India); and post-acquisition integrations in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Romania, and China.

He has worked with clients across a broad range of industries in more than 50 countries globally, facilitating some 750 workshops and top team alignment sessions, in complex transformation events including M&A/JV, globalization, spin-offs/carve-outs, and other major business transformations.

In 1993, Dave founded Eaton Consulting Group, later rebranded as Aperian Global, the world's largest, privately-held, cross-cultural training, consulting, webtools company, where he held the position of founder/owner/practice leader through 2009.

Dave is also committed to helping young people channel their passion into productive ventures. In 2015, Dave and Sam (his son), in conjunction with a Nigerian Non-profit, Joint Initiative for Development donated 1,000 footballs, 1,000 jerseys and 750 pairs of cleats to children in Nigeria through Channels Television. This year, Dave and his sons are donating 25 boxes of sports equipment once again to YEDI Naija, a nonprofit based in Lagos Nigeria.

Academic and Professional background:

Dave has a master’s degree in intercultural management from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He is a member of, and speaker at, a wide array of professional associations in human resources (SHRM, ATD, HCI, HRLF), and other industry conferences (Conference Board, NASSCOM, and Project Management Institute). He has been a guest lecturer at major business schools and universities, including Northeastern University, Boston College, Boston University, Emory, and Babson College.

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