Industry Operations


Smithswork recognizes the potential of the Agriculture industry and its potential to drive economic growth and feed the rising population in the country and indeed the continent. Thus, our intervention is in supporting yields, restoring our farms, storage solutions, equipping our farmers with adequate knowledge of global best practices in farming, and helping our farmers access the adequate financing for their business.

In partnership with Zydex Industries, India, we are giving farmers hope of increasing yields and the quality of their produce through our soil booster, Zytonic-M. Zytonic Biology Booster is a soil enhancer that is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. The product works by making soil soft and porous thereby increasing microbial activity and water holding capacity. The product can be applied to the soil in solid form or in soluble form. It is an organic product and is designed to be used in organic farming. It has already been introduced in several countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Ecuador, Spain and India with positive field trial results. Some of the observed benefits of the products (from results of field trials include:

  • Higher microbial soil counts;
  • Improved yields;
  • Improved germination;
  • Reduction in irrigation;
  • Reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers

The product can be used in the cultivation of a range of crops grown in Nigeria such as tomatoes, rice, okra, sugarcane, onions etc. Zytonic-M is distributed solely in Nigeria by Smithswork Limited through our agriculture arm, Smithswork Agro Services Limited. To learn more about Zytonic-M, please contact Seun (


We focus on the sustainability of our roads, having recognized the huge advantage good roads can have on economic activities. In partnership with Zydex Industries, India, we provide a wide range of products for the construction of both rural and urban roads. Our range of products includes:


ZYDEX ZycoTherm-EZ

ZycoTherm-EZ (ZT-EZ) is an organosilane additive to bitumen binder which is added before bitumen is mixed with aggregates to produce Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). ZT-EZ makes pavements resistant to:

Moisture, promoting chemical bonding at the aggregate interface
Oxidation, enabling complete coating
Fatigue loads, as it facilitates consistent compaction while paving.

ZT-EZ also allows lower mixing temperatures (10-15 degrees celsius) and lower compaction temperatures (30-40 degrees celsius), making ZT-ET an environment friendly warm mix, and warm compaction additive. It can also be added to bitumen, prior to emulsification while producing bitumen emulsion, substantially improving anti strip performance of cold mixes and bond strength of Prime and Tack coat.

ZYDEX TerraPrime

TerraPrime is an organosilane additive to bitumen emulsion for prime coat application. It improves the spreading and spray quality of emulsion to give uniform spray and coverage. It also makes the prime coat penetrative and waterproof.


Nanotac is an organosilane additive to Cationic Bitumen Emulsion (CBE) for tack coat application. Nanotac improves the flow and spray quality of emulsion. It can also make the tack coat waterproof. Tack coat with Nanotac sets in 15 - 30 minutes with substantially reduced tracking. When added to CBE, for slurry seal/Micro-surfacing applications, Nanotac improves bond strength. Prime coat with TerraPrime sets in 15 to 30 minutes with substantially reduced tracking.

It can also be added to CBEs for producing cold mixes for micro-surfacing/paving. Cold mixes with Nanotac show excellent anti-strip performance due to chemical bonding at te aggregate interface. Benefits of using Nanotac & TerraPrime includes:

Chemical bonding
Higher bond strength
Finer spray leading to improve coverage
Uniform load transfer due to 100% coverage
Reduced slippage
Quick setting and reduced tracking.
Nozzle clogging elimination
Zero volatile emissions


ZYDEX Zycobond

Zycobon is an UltraViolet (UV) and heat stable, cross-linkable soil modifier. It is a nano sized acrylic copolymer dispersion in water. It complements conventional stabilization methods by imparting water resistance and flexible bonding to the soil.

ZYDEX TerraSil

TerraSil is a water soluble UltraViolet (UV) and heat stable, reactive soil modifier used for reducing swelling. Terrasil restricts swelling to less than 5% for expansive soil and the resultant lower swelling pressure substantially reduces undulations and cracking. The spray of Terrasil solution waterproofs compacted soil surface up to 10mm depth.


At Smithswork, we are interested in helping local health institutions and companies develop strategies to identify key areas of impact and increase their influence within their local communities. Through partnerships, we help local health institutions and companies raise funds and work with small businesses within their communities to improve the health of their employees and that of their immediate communities.

We also help local health institutions drive the communication and awareness of healthy behaviors and practices within their local communities.


Smithswork in collaboration with technology experts, develop solutions for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises. These solutions are designed to help small businesses improve effectiveness, increase productivity and enhance their growth.

Our emphasis on driving data awareness amongst small businesses is at the core of our goal as we believe that data plays a huge role in the growth of any business.


Smithswork helps small scale energy providers develop strategies in increasing their reach especially amongst small and medium-sized enterprises. We are particularly interested in solar options as an alternative to the erratic supply from the national grid and the impact solar options will have on cost, sustainability and effectiveness of small businesses.

Working with small scale energy providers, we will help small businesses identify the best option for their business.


Smithswork helps small scale manufacturers identify strategies to improve processes, access funding options, and increase productivity.