Business Function

Our practice is backed by a well-developed Research and Development unit driven by a team of young and talented individuals with knowledge of the industries of focus.

Business Growth Optimization (BGO)

We understand the frustration businesses go through when growth tanks and new growth paths seem blurry. Smithswork Limited promotes the use of collection of data and leverages collected data to determine new growth paths utilizing innovation and available technology. Our focus is on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). To learn more about our Business Growth Optimization practice, please email kayode (

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

Leveraging over 10 years’ experience of Non-profit practice, Smithswork Limited helps businesses to identify key impacts and dividends of doing good while succeeding in business. At the core of doing good is sustainability and Smithswork helps businesses create opportunities through the act of practicing sustainability. To speak to us about your desire to get involved in doing good, kindly email us (

Financial Advisory

Our finance practice focuses on helping small businesses manage their finances, cut costs, and access innovative funding. Smithswork Limited leverages over a decade of experience in the financial sector, working with small businesses to provide world class advisory on financial planning and management.

To learn more about our finance practice, please email ‘Seun (

Talent Management

Our talent management and acquisition is driven by our internship program. Our internship program helps us to prepare and refine talents for the workplace. Our interns go through three months of preparation: undergoing custom training, working on projects under the guidance of industry experts, and coaching. Interns are thereafter hired by small businesses within our ecosystems.

To learn more about our internship programme and how your company can benefit from our pool of trained talent, please email us (